Our products are made in Sweden, Värmland. Every lamp is made by hand without machines or automatic tools. The product is made out of paper, rattan and an attachment device made of metal and wood. (Some models have a ribbon of cotton/linen at the top and bottom.)


The lampshades are handmade and therefor are every lamp unique. The paper is handmade in Nepal and is very thin, only 30 grams. It's important that the lamp and the paper are handled with care.
No paper is like the other with different structures and variegations. This is however what gives the lampshade its charm and life. Please notice that no paper or thereby lamp is perfect and may have different imperfections.

Our white rice paper lamps are made in classic white Wenzhou mulberrypaper with a weight of 32 gram.


If you appreciate interior details with a personal touch and appreciate the craftsmanship behind a handmade product, this is the item for you. We produce the lampshades in a traditional matter with wooden blades attached to a rotating cylinder.


We have chosen not to assemble any cord to our lamp. This gives you as a customer a bigger option to choose a cord when you install your lamp.
Today there is a big variety of cords on the market, all with different colours, lengths and structures. So, what cord to choose for your lamp, we leave that option entirely to you.
With your lampshade you will receive an installation guide on how to assemble your cord to your new lamp.


We recommend only the use of LED lightbulbs to our products. To receive a soft light that fits this type of lamp, 3- 5 W is our recommendation.


When you receive your new lampshade the lamp has been folded for some time. The paper in the lamp should have an irregular structure but the shade will straighten is self a little bit when it is installed.


We do not have any bigger volumes in stock, instead we manufacture gradually.
Please send us an email if there is a product that you are interested in that is not in stock.
We will then come back to you with an approximate delivery time.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to send us and email to info@intillform.se. We will answer as soon as possible.