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The products in this shop is distributed, updated and handled by the following company:

Intill Form & Design
Ransbysätter 111
686 97 Lysvik

E-mail: info@intillform.se
The site, as well as all content on it, is owned by Intill Form & Design. The information is protected by, among other things, intellectual property and market law. This means that Intill Form & Design tradename, product names, images and graphics, design, layout and information about products and other content may not be copied or used without written permission from Intill Form & Design.

Payment and prices

All prices are current and can be altered in the future. Your individual and total price for your order is shown at checkout, including any fees, shipping and VAT.

To be able to order on the Site you must be 18 years of age. According to Swedish law, Intill Form & Design does not accept credit purchases from anybody below the age of 18.

Intill Form & Design reserves the right to refuse or change your order in individual cases (for example, if you have provided incorrect personal information and / or have payment remarks).

Delivery and returns

We offer the following delivery options:


EU free delivery over € 75. Standard delivery in Europe: € 10. Delivery within 10 days.

If the delivery is delayed we will inform you by email. In case of a delayed delivery as a client you always have the option to change your mind and demand a refund. When the package leaves our stock the transportation company is responsible for the package reaching its destination. We do our best to package our goods in such a way that they do not get damaged during transport. Should your order be damaged on receipt in any way, please contact us via info@intillform.se


Disputes should primarily be resolved in consensus after discussion with Intill Form & Design customer service.

If a dispute cannot be resolved in agreement between you and the customer service, you can contact ARN (General Complaints Board) at www.arn.se. In the event of a dispute, Intill Form & Design follows all decision made by ARN or the corresponding dispute resolution body.


Returns are paid by the customer if the gods is not damaged.

Returns are sent to:

Intill Form & Design
Ransbysätter 111
686 97 Lysvik

Right of withdrawal

The consumer has the right to change her/his mind without specifying any reasons for a period of 14 days. This period starts on the day the product is received.

During this period, the consumer shall handle the product and packaging with care. Consumer shall only unpack or use the product to the extent necessary to judge the product.

Right to inspect your personal data

You have got the right to know which personal data we have collected about you. You also have the right to change these data when they are incorrect of to have them removed when they became unnecessary.

We don’t process personal data trough cookies. We don’t have any influence on how third parties, such as the social media services, will handle and process the data they received.

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail.

What are cookies?

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Google will only share the information with third parties when required by law or when third parties process the information for Google. We do not give permission to Google to use the information for other Google services.

Google is a company from the US. The information will be saved on servers based in the US. Google lives up to the Safe Harbor principles.

Find more information about Google Analytics and privacy on Google’s website.

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